Guide For Men or How To Get Perfect Lingerie For Her

The complete guide for men who wants to give a surprise and going to buy lingerie without her.

What size is your lady?

The best way to find out is to look in her lingerie drawer, and see what size she has the most of. The sizing is usually a two digit number and a letter, for example 34B. Watch and compare girls of different sizes at Once you’ve found her bra size, you will need to find her bottoms too. This is normally size small, medium or large, or it could be a dress size, for example size 8, 10 and 12.


What style is she?

Remember, Lingerie should be comfotable, so checking out what your women usually wear will help a lot. Does she prefer to wear a balcony bra or a plunge, or perhaps the triangle bra? Once you figure this out, find out if she wears a brief, shortie or perhaps a thong? Women tend to stick to one style of bottom, the one they find most comfortable or flattering.


The Color

Usually men like black and red, but different skin types and hair color looks completely different with color lingerie, so be careful and try to find color that you like and also suitable with her natural colors. If unsure, have a look in her drawer again, does she prefer light or dark colours?

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